The digital wallet

with multiple benefits.

Make your everyday financial transactions more convenient, faster and easier.

Do more with

your phone number.

Make and receive payments conveniently, send money to anyone on your phone contacts instantly, design and issue your own virtual debit cards for safe and secure transactions online, apply for loans, and request money easily from family and friends.

Why should you choose Dole?

There are no other digital wallets that provide our range of benefits in one application. The question is, why shouldn’t you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to send money to a phone number?

It is free.

What if I send money to a number not yet registered with Dole?

The recipient would get an instant text message about the transaction and a link to download Dole to access their money right away.

Will you really reduce the interest on my next loan?

Yes we will. After your first faultless repayment, we will be in a kind of friendship, and we don’t charge friends the way we charge others.

Who We Are

We are a constantly expanding set of professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds united by the mission to push the frontiers of possibility every day.

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