Dole is a portable digital wallet

with benefits.

Beyond the convenience of using your phone number to receive money and make payments, there is more. Dole gives you access to low-interest loans that are stress-free and a virtual debit card for safe and secure online transactions.
Access Dole Wallet with multiple benefits
Apply for loans. Repay existing loans.
Send money to any phone number!
Request money from friends and family!
Add money to your wallet via loans, fund requests, bank, or card
View wallet transactions
Create, fund and make use of virtual debit cards

Dole wallet is your account assistant for everyday transactions.

Dole Wallet makes it easy to receive payments and collect money from friends and families with your phone number. It has never been easier to transfer money to anyone anywhere in the country instantly using their phone number.

Phone Number Account

With the Dole Wallet, your phone number is everything that anyone needs to send you money instantly. The same goes for you too; all you need to send money to anyone anywhere in the country is their phone number.

Phone to Bank

While it is easy and convenient to send money to anyone in the country using their phone numbers, we think that you should still be able to send money to a bank account if you want to, so we built it into the Dole Wallet.

Send Me Money

It is life, and there would be moments where we will need to depend on the benevolence of one another to get through difficult moments. With the Dole Wallet, you can reach out to anyone on our phonebook easily and conveniently.

Dole Loans come with no
collateral or paperwork.

Whether you need to finance a dream, solve a need, or settle an emergency, it matters to us. We make it quick and easy for you to get loans in Nigeria whenever you need them. However, you must be verified by your employer to be eligible. Contact your organisation to reach out to us today.

Through Your Organization

As much as we would like to, we cannot attend to individual loan applications at the moment. We partner with organisations to make loans available to employees. To access our loans, you must have been pre-approved via your employer.

Family Discount

Unlike most businesses, we do not keep family out – we believe in long term relationships for growth. So, with every successful loan you repay, you are no longer just a customer, and we welcome you closer to the family by lowering the interest rates on your next loan.

Repay on Your Terms

We have the analytics to design a repayment plan that would suit you, but then we thought again. You would surely do a better job managing your own wallet than the most intelligent artificial intelligence, so we are leaving the repayment plan to you.

Dole Virtual Debit Cards is a functional extension of your Dole Wallet.

It is a very secure and safe way to transact online. Designed at your command and ready whenever you are, your Dole Virtual Debit Card can be used wherever you want on the world wide web.

Easy to Manage

The Dole virtual cards are easy to manage. One tap from your Dole Wallet and your cards are ready to transact another tap, and you can track all your transactions in real-time.

Safe and Secure

It’s practically impossible to lose or clone. Our technology and algorithms are first-rate and data encrypted. Get ready for the benefits of a physical debit card minus all the disadvantages.

Lifestyle Fit

The Dole Virtual debit card is compatible with your Google and iOs Wallets, so you don’t need all that adjustment to fit it into your lifestyle.